Best Photobombed ‘Selfie’ Ever


On Saturday May 24th, 2014 the senior class of Sonlight graduated.

This is a picture of me, my Dad, and my senior class right after my Dad gave me my diploma.

The story behind this photo was kind of sad.

The Friday before graduation my family and I had everything ready. My senior table was set up at the church and we had everything in the car ready for graduation day. Before it was time to leave however my Mom came down with what we believed to be bad food poisoning. She had been vomiting since about six that morning.

Since we lived an hour away from the church we had to make a decision then and there on what we were going to do because my Mom was not fit enough to make it to the graduation.

We eventually decided that me and my Dad would FaceTime her throughout the ceremony. And that is exactly what we did.

As my fellow seniors and I were in the holding room lined up and ready to go I was FaceTimeing my Mom and Grandma with our phone.

Eventually it became my turn and I tried my hardest not to cry walking down the aisle to my seat.

I sat there and watched as my fellow graduates slideshows went by and they each got their diplomas.

I had my mom on FaceTime as soon as it was my turn and I joined my Dad at the bottom of the stage to wait till it was over.

I was grateful that I did not have to speak because I would not have known what to say. My Dad however said everything just right.

He explained to everyone why him and I were holding our phones on stage. He then continued into his short speech that he had prepared and then asked forgiveness as he said he would like to take a ‘selfie’ for my Mom.

Now here I am, I have had no idea what he was going to do for his speech in the first place and then my Dad wants to take a selfie?

I just went with it.

As we were turned around getting ready to take our selfie, I could see, in the corner of my eye, a mass of blue gather around behind us.

All my friends and fellow seniors had ‘photobombed’ our selfie.

I was so overjoyed it softened the sadness that was in my heart from my Mom not being able to be there with us physically.

I found out later that the photobomb was planned by non other than my Dad himself. He had gone into the holding room when I wasn’t in there and explained the situation to them. All the seniors agreed.

I am so grateful for all the friends I have had through highschool. I could never ask for better.

I want to thank them for making that moment special and memorable even if it was in a way I did not expect.

(I would also like to thank Apple Inc. because without FaceTime my Mom and Grandma would not have been able to see what was happening as it was happening.)

I am also happy to say that my Mom is feeling a lot better and that she was able to mingle at my graduation party yesterday!



I’m graduating in less than a week… That’s enough to get me thinking for ages…

I’m super excited!

Getting the house ready for some party guests and also gathering up some things I can put on my senior table such as a bunch of photos I’ve taken that have been hanging on my bedroom wall.

I keep saying that it looks like I’m moving cause my walls look so bare but I’m not ready to move. Not quite yet.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers out there! Especially to my awesome Mom!

My mom is amazing! She’s been encouraging me every step of the way on my writing journey! And she homeschools us three kids plus works part time plus does a ton of stuff around the house with the whole family!

And who can forget the way she likes to watch doctor who and merlin with us kids? And how she has brought us to our Sonlight co-op (which is an hour away from where we live!) each and every Wednesday of each semester while also doing Labs for Life Science and teaching Sign Language to the high schoolers!

My Mom is fantastic! She can do everything!

Thank you for everything you do for Hal, Bran, and I!

You’re the best!

Love you soooo much!!! ❤

Scarborough Faire

“Are you going to Scarborough Faire?”

We sure did!

We went with some friends the other day. A few of us even dressed up.

My friend dressed as a gypsy, my sister dressed as a pirate, my brother dressed like a bard, and I dressed up as River Song from Doctor Who.

Apparently, without my knowing, it was Doctor Who day there. Who knew!? (No pun intended 😉 )

So while walking around the many many shops we saw the Fourth Doctor and the Third Doctor.

We talked a bit with Three and then later on we got a picture with Four. Four said he was looking for the lady dressed like the Tardis so he went off but later he passed me and my friends and he says to me River Songs classic phrase “hello sweetie” and walks on by.

We also saw Captain Jack Sparrow, his dad, and calypso. We got a picture with them but my sisters friend didn’t want to get in the pic my dad however said to Jack ‘why don’t you grab (the friend) so I can get y’all’s picture.’ And so Jack runs after our friend (exactly like Captain Jack) through the food court and eventually we got our friend in a picture with her.

So all in all we had a fantastic time at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go again!

Last week of school

Yah, so this week is my last week of co-op ever!

I’m excited yet frightened.

This is where all the choices I make effect me in great ways. Either good or bad….

This week is also busy with the fact that we have our theater production of Agatha Christies ‘and then there were none’ then the last day of Sonlight co-op then after THAT is the end of semester program that we have to go to for my moms sign language class. And lastly we get to top it all off with a trip to the past, the Scarborough Renascence Faire!

We went last year on the student day and enjoyed it a lot so we decided we would go again.

Any way, this is a busy busy week.

Wish me luck!

Easter 2014

He is risen!

For Easter yesterday we got up early to go to church for sunrise service and afterwards we had eggs and bacon.

We then headed back home. Did some last minute cleaning around the house, had a nap, then headed back to church for regular service which was really good.

Back at home friends and family came over to have turkey and ham with us all the food was yummy!

After eating we decided to have an egg toss with raw chicken eggs. No boiled ones.

Me and my partner did pretty good, even to the point where the egg fell to the ground but was surprisingly still okay. Eventually though we went through three eggs. The last one cracking and spilling all over my pant leg.

My sister and her partner won, lasting the longest out of all of us.

After our egg toss people began to leave and then after a little clean up of the house we all went over to my grandparents where they had guests of their own. They were celebrating two things over there. Easter and my Great Aunts 75th birthday!

We stayed for cake then went on back home where we had a random dance session and then we all started judging people like the judges on Dancing with the Stars.

We ended our lovely day with some Doctor Who before heading off to bed tired but happy.

Even after all we did we still have to remember the real reason we celebrate Easter.

He is Risen! My Redeemer Lives!

Camp Nanowrimo (again)


Bottom line is… I’m behind. But hopefully now that Prom is over I will be able to catch up 🙂

Prom was awesome by the way. Book themed. Got to ‘meet’ Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Thorin, Oliver Twist, Frankenstein, Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell (wow that was a lot…) and also had fun dancing and hanging out with friends.

Anyways, I hope to catch up to my goal… It’s time to get the peach tea and ice cream and write all night!